Firmware and System Software Services


Our teams have extensive experience, starting from the pre-silicon stage, in the development and verification of embedded software, including, but not limited to bootloaders, device drivers and hardware abstraction layers.

Our domain expertise includes, but is not limited to, medical imaging, multimedia, storage, networking, FPGA/SoC design and verification. Our broad portfolio of high-performance IP cores and verification suites drastically reduces time to market of complex designs. With Atria Logic you are in good hands when farming out execution of your product development, regardless of complexity.

Multimedia domain Engineering services

  • Audio/Video Codec Development and Porting (Intel, TI ARM, MultiCore)
  • Plug-in development and Codec Integration (OpenMax, MMF, MDF, ICL, RealHelix, gStreamer, DirectShow)
  • Base Porting Driver Development (PalmOS, Symbian, WinCE, Embedded Linux)
  • Stack Development Porting (Streaming RTP/RTCP, Conferencing 3G- 234M, MMS SMIL, IMS, DVB-H)
  • Application Development and Integration (Streaming player, VOIP, Video Telephony, MMS Player, IMS apps, Mobile TV)

Our Service Offerings:

  • System Architecture and HW-SW Partitioning
  • Board Bring-up, BSP, Device Driver and Firmware Development
  • OS Porting / Customization - Linux, Windows
  • New Processor Platform Adoption / Firmware Migration
  • Performance Tuning - Latency, Boot-time, Throughput
  • Power and Footprint Optimization
  • Embedded UI Design and Usability Engineering
  • Complete System software expertise(BSP, Protocol stack, Hardware abstraction layer, Application and UI)
  • High optimization
  • Experienced and skilled team
  • Faster Time to market (Ready device drivers and performance intensive applications)

We enforce a robust process to monitor strict adherence to coding guidelines and quality matrices. Our teams proactively report and track project risks on schedules and deliverables, and recommend mitigation plans in consultation with subject matter experts.


  • OS - Linux, QNX, Windows, Nucleus, LynxOS
  • File Systems - FAT32, Ext3, FAT16
  • Boot Loaders - Uboot, proprietary bootloaders, RedBoot