Non Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) is an interface controller specification built for accessing Solid State Drives(SSD) over a PCIe channel. NVMe has enabled greater data I/O and throughput performance of Flash based SSD storage units. NVMe has gained more traction in recent days due to their high performance benefits over its counterpart.

Atria Logic NVMe (AL_NVMe) post silicon test validation suite offers an environment for system level validation of NVMe Controller. The test suite defined is compliant and interoperable with standards defined by UNH_IOL. Additionally, it also provides other test features for greater confidence on the design and performance. It supports Linux based environment with ease of portability across systems.


The validation environment is developed from off the shelf hardware and software components. The Atria NVMe Validation suite has Intel Galileo Development board and Xilinx Zynq ARM based FPGA SoC. The development boards can be interchangeably used as a host and Endpoint.


  • tNVME + dNVMe framework.
  • Custom driver for performance verification.
  • NVMe endpoint virtual driver.
  • Java based Application for GUI interface.


  • Environment developed from off the shelf Hardware and Software Components.
  • Test Suite compliant and interoperable with UNH_IOL.
  • Software Components are easily portable to Linux, RTOS or bare-metal environments.
  • Environment replication is easy even at Customer's site.
  • Simulates the environment for verifying PCIe root complex, Endpoint as well as NVMe controller functionality.
  • Zynq SoC configurable hardware to add custom blocks with software configuration and control
    • Bus Analyzer
    • Performance statistics
    • Diagnostics
  • The Performance monitors in the Endpoint driver gives statistical information on the data movement.
  • QEMU based NVMe simulation environment.
  • This platform can be customized to use validate peripheral functionalities.
  • The test suite allows flexibility to use either x86/ARM platforms.
  • GUI based environment to initiate test cases and provide statistical performance data.